February 10, 2021 • The Studio

A new season is on its way

A note of hope


Hello lovely, I’m just here longing for the warmth of spring, frolicking amongst the flowers blossoming across the landscape. In the garden the Acacia tree is flowering sweet clusters of gold, it’s bringing a needed ray of sunshine to this dreary cold winter. In the studio I have created an eclectic display on the vintage sideboard to bring a delightful burst of vibrant yellow to the space, a beautiful reminder everyday that a new season is on its way! 

I feel true adoration for this devine and intricate evergreen tree and shrub, native to Australia and Africa and one of the few flowering plants that can be found across the world. In Australia the Acacia gold flower is their floral symbol
and spring is announced by the first flowering. I have loved researching its heart warming historic story and the deep meaning and symbolism it holds.

The Flowering Acacia

Over the bending boughs

Of the acacia

Falls a shower

Of golden light,

Shining —

Like the song of sun-rains.

— Lucy Eddy

The Ancient Acacia Represents: Renewal, Fortitude and Pureness.

A beautiful reminder everyday that a new season is on its way! 

Delicate swooping leaves amongst joyful yellow flowers, brings a comforting light of hope

 Lots of love, Adora x x x 

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